Financial Empowerment Programs

Information and skills to improve credit, reduce debt and increase savings.

El Centro de la Raza is an agency certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the services are conducted by Certified Housing Counselors. Our purpose is to financially educate low to moderate income households to strengthen their financial capacity to help them achieve their economic goals, including acquiring their own home. The Financial Empowerment program provides group education and individual advice on topics such as: housing, budgets, credit, money management, savings, debt reduction and more.

The Financial Empowerment programs are as following:

Financial Capabilities: builds individual and household capacity to improve credit, reduce debt, and increase savings. The program provides low-to moderate-income individuals with group workshops, one-on-one financial skills counseling, and enrollment assistance in lending circles to increase their knowledge of banking, savings, establishing and improving credit, sound money management practices, maintaining a household budget and avoiding predatory lenders.

Lending Circles Program: enables low- to moderate-income people to successfully build assets and increase economic stability. Through our partnership with Mission Asset Fund, the Lending Circles Program increases participants’ progress toward individual and household financial goals such as increasing savings, reducing debt, building credit, and accessing lending capital.

First Homebuyers & Foreclosure Prevention Education: This webinar provides an overview of the process of buying a home, as well as key concepts of home loans. Participants learn know how they can prevent a foreclosure and not lose their home if they are in a default situation. At the end of class the attendees receive a certificate valid for 2-years they can use to fulfill the requirement to access the Washington Housing Finance Commission home purchase programs.

Contact: Oliver Contreras, Financial Empowerment Supervisor at or (206) 717-0085.