El Centro De La Raza
The Center for People of All Races
A voice and a hub for the Latino community as we advocate on behalf of our people and work to achieve social justice
What We Do

El Centro de la Raza provides a unique blend of services and advocacy that results in stronger, more effective programs. Our programs have been referred to as the university of El Centro de la Raza because of how we prepare our people for their future as fully involved members of our society.

Our Child and Youth Programs are an investment in our children and their future. We provide an array of bilingual and multicultural services, including bilingual childcare, afterschool mentoring and tutoring, and weekly workshops dealing with complex subjects of Latino history, race, hip hop and the arts as a medium for social change and community activism within the Seattle Public Schools.

The Francis Martinez Community Service Center and its diverse and bilingual Human and Emergency Services address the immediate aspects of human suffering such as hunger, healthcare, and homelessness, through programs such as La Cocina Popular Hot Meal, Food Bank, and services for veterans.

El Centro also seeks to promote self-sufficiency and empowerment within our community through bilingual Education and Skill Building Programs. These programs cover topics such as financial literacy, ESL and citizenship classes, and homeownership education among others.

El Centro believes that our community will be able to effectively address the profound contradictions facing our world only through civic involvement, grassroots organizing, and political and social activism. We unite communities of all races, genders, ages and classes to fight for civil and human rights locally and globally through our Community Building and Development.


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