El Centro de la Raza is always looking for ways to continue to help the community and its growth in the upcoming years. Here is our wish list, which helps us not only keep our costs down, but this also allows us the resources to concentrate on the great need for development and services within our community. We ask that you support our hard work by contributing your direct help and generosity through a donation of the items listed below. Please take a moment to look over the items listed and see what you can help us with.

Techological Tools: Desktop computers, Laptops

Office Supplies: Glue, Color paper, Scissors, Painting colors, White copy paper, Pens, Pencils, Post-Its, Paint brushes, Yellow legal note pads, Electric pencil sharpener

Food & Kitchen Supplies: Single Phase, 60 qt production mixer, Corresponding 60 qt mixing bowl, dough hook, paddle, and whip attachments, 20 qt mixer, Pinto beans, Rice, Canned tomato sauce, Fresh fruit and vegetables, Paper plates and bowls, Plastic spoons, forks, knives

Baby Needs: Cribs, Diapers, Baby clothes, Strollers, Carriers, Baby wipes

Personal Care Items: Toothbrushes and toothpaste, Brushes and combs, Shampoo, Bar soaps, Band Aids

Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies: Rubber or plastic gloves, Dust masks Haz mat masks, soap, bleach, etc. Painting supplies: brushes, tarps, and masking tape

Arts & Crafts: CD Player, Karoake videos, tapes, music, greeting cards

Homeownership Seminars: Children’s puzzles, Coloring books, Crayons blocks

Services: Commercial Dishwasher for Nutrition Programs, Gift Certificates to Blockbuster, Starbucks, Safeway, QFC Person to frame posters

To make an inkind donation to El Centro de la Raza please call (206) 957-4621 or email donor@elcentrodelaraza.org. Gracias!